Friday, January 23, 2015

In the Mood for Love and 2046

In the Mood for Love and 2046 by Wong Kar-wai are two of my favorite movies because of their beautiful photography, melanconic atmosphere, subtle yet intense acting, beautiful scenery, amazing soundtracks and, of course, gorgeous costume design.
In the Mood for Love (2000), is the story of a love affair, set in Hong Kong in the sixties, between the protagonist Chow Mo-wan (Tony Leung) and his married next door neighbor Su Li-zhen (Maggie Cheung), and 2046 (2004) is ideally its sequel, where we see the protagonist years later as a writer living a more bohemian and nostalgic life. The first movie is more reminiscent of a theater play with a strong attention to the everyday lives of the characters and to the evolution of their discrete but intense love story, whereas the second one (which is probably my favorite) is a combination of the real life of the protagonist and the stories he writes, with a juxtaposition of images from his present day and from his futuristic novels. It is a truly beautiful movie. The music is incredible, especially La Polonaise by Shigeru Umebayashi, and don't make me mention the clothes! I have seen numerous fashion photoshoots inspired by these movies, William Chang, the editor and costume designer of the movies managed to take the already very elegant traditional chinese Cheongsam (Qipao) dress to a whole new level of sophistication, just look...





Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ha! Love this.

What if popular literature classics had annoying click bait titles of the kind you read on facebook everyday?
It would look something like this...

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Monday, January 19, 2015

F.O.: Dark red hat with bow

Sometimes a really simple project comes out just perfect and makes you want to keep making it to see what it looks like in different colors and yarn options. This hat is the perfect example, I have already made it before (see here for a similar one), and I have made a similar one in black for a friend for Christmas, but I just love this dark red version!
The hat is simple, with a textured border and a large bow on the side and I  think it has a lovely twenties flair to it. The yarn is an amazing 100% merino superwash I keep going back to and I just love this dark but bright red color.
As always, details on my etsy page!

A volte un progetto semplicissimo viene fuori talmente bene che mi vien voglia di continuare a ripeterlo provando a vedere come è il risultato con diversi colori o filati o con delle piccole varianti. Questo cappello ne è un esempio. L'ho già realizzato in maniera simile in passato (vedi qui) e ne ho fatto uno simile per un'amica a Natale ma nero, ma questa versione rosso scura mi piace tantissimo!
Il cappello è semplicissimo, con un bordo alto in un punto alternato e ho aggiunto un grande fiocco laterale che trovo lo renda subito più interessante e gli dia un'aria un po' retrò. Il filato è in 100% pura lana merino e questo rosso scuro ma intenso lo trovo stupendo.
Come sempre, dettagli sulla mia pagina etsy!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Jacob Olie

Aren't these old photographs of Amsterdam by Jacob Olie really something?
Jacob Olie was a dutch photographer from the second half of the 19th century. I don't speak dutch but from the dutch Wikipedia page I managed to understand that photography was only a passion of his, not his real job, yet Amsterdam's City Archives are now full of his photographs; what a wealth of information he must have offered those who are now studying the city's history!
I love how everything seems quiet and still, yet you get a glimpse of the people working on the boats and in the streets...

Mi sto perdendo a guardare queste vecchie foto di Amsterdam di Jacob Olie, stupende nevvero?
Jacob Olie era un fotografo olandese della seconda metà dell'ottocento. Non parlo olandese ma dalla pagina olandese di Wikipedia son riuscita a intuire che la fotografia era solo una sua passione, non il suo vero lavoro, eppure gli archivi cittadini di Amsterdam sono pieni di foto sue; che patrimonio deve aver lasciato per gli studiosi della storia della città!
Mi affascina il fatto che tutto sembri silenzioso e  tranquillo ma si riescono a intravvedere i lavoratori indaffarati sulle barche o nelle strade...

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

On wool

A few months back, in an effort to become a wiser spender, waste less money and in general be more conscious (and environmentaly conscious) of what I buy, I decided I would no longer buy sweaters from stores and instead make whatever I needed myself. This way I get to choose exactly what I want as far as shape, color, style, materials and size are concerned, I get to have way more control over the durability of what I have and I get to own things that are truly unique and special to me.
I haven't yet had the time to make anything for myself since this decision was made, but over the holidays I got proof of the fact that this was definitely a smart choice. On my trip to France I only brought with me a few store bought sweaters I have had for a long time. These, out of the many I have bought, were some of the best as far a durability is concerned...they are made of acrylic yarn and I have had them for a very long time, washed them a milion times and they are still holding their shape and doing their job. But I noticed one thing while I was there in the freezing temperatures we had. Acrylic, even though it is indeed light weight, easy to care for and can be very durable, is infinitely less isolating than wool. These sweaters were easy to pack and carry around, but they just weren't as warm as I needed them to be, unlike the handmade wool sweaters I have at home. Yesterday I read this really interesting post from the Pendleton Woolen Mills blog, and it made me understand exactly why. Wool is indeed an incredible natural material that never ceases to amaze me and fascinate me.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

I'm back!

I'm back from a short vacation in France where we spent our time tasting wine in Burgundy and celebrating the new year with friends in Lyon. Now I'm back home and ready to start this 2015 with about a milion ideas for beautiful things to make, a huge list of projects to finish and a strong feeling of inspiration to make this year fun and productive and to keep myself busy, engaged in the world around me and ready for adventure.
Happy 2015 everyone!

Sono appena tornata da una breve vacanza in Francia dove abbiam passato il tempo assaggiando vini in Borgogna e festeggiando l'anno nuovo con amici a Lione. Ora son di nuovo a casa e sono pronta a iniziare questo 2015 con un milione di idee per cose nuove da produrre, una lunga lista di progetti da portare a termine e una piacevole sensazione di ispirazione a rendere quest'anno il più possibile produttivo e divertente e a tenermi attiva, interessata e partecipe del mondo intorno a me e pronta a nuove avventure.
Buon 2015 a tutti!