Saturday, August 29, 2015

End of summer

The summer vacations are over, I'm back at the office and the end of summer is aproaching, a part of the year that always makes me slightly sad, even though I do enjoy fall once I get into the groove of it.
Here is a small collection of photos from my summer travels...we decided to travel through Italy for a change, including parts of Italy that I had never been to before, specifically the Marche region, which I found beautiful and quite peaceful as mass tourism doesn't really seem to have discovered this area yet.
It is an incredible country I live in, wherever you go there is so much beauty to explore that a whole lifetime would not be enough to enjoy it completely...

(If you are wondering where any one of these pictures was taken just let me know in the comments!)

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Inspiration: Miami summers

While I have been to Florida before, I have never been to Miami, and it is one of those places I would love to get to see at some point.
I am particularly drawn to the iconic colorful art déco architecture that I've always only seen on magazines and in movies and the vision it creates in my mind of a blistering hot afternoon where the sun rays bounce off the pale colored surfaces of the buildings and almost hurt your eyes.
Here is a little collage of Etsy finds inspired by this atmosphere and by my favorite of all seasons...

1) Travel poster of the Carlyle Hotel,WhiteOneSugar
2) Red Wrap Dress, Kulayan
3) Avalon Hotel Fine Art Photography, CestLaVieArt
4) The Colony Fine Art print, GwenMeyerson
5) Art Deco Building, Miami, Fine Art Photography, VictoriaPhotoShop
6) Vintage Lanvin Sunglasses, PNB vintage 
7) South Beach Peach Architecture Photography, inthisinstance

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy first day of summer!

I took this picture yesterday evening as I was on my bike to go have dinner with friends. I love the way summer evenings feel, and I miss them all winter...

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

F.O.: Light blue summer dress with mesh detail

I finally have an F.O. to show you, a cotton sun dress with a mesh detail on the collar which I made thinking about this top I made a while ago. The dress is short and sweet in a lovely light blue 100% cotton yarn from the french company DMC. I can imagine it worn both as a summer dress and as a beach cover up and it is very comfortable and stretchy, so perfect for summer travels.
Details on my etsy page...

Finalmente ho un capo finito da mostrarvi, un vestitino estivo in cotone con lo scollo traforato che ho realizzato basandomi su questo top che avevo fatto un po' di tempo fa.
Il vestito è corto e molto confortevole per via della lavorazione rasata che gli da elasticità e lo rende comodo da portare in viaggio, ed è perfetto sia come vestito che come copricostume. 
Dettagli sulla mia pagina etsy...

Saturday, May 23, 2015


If things have been particularly quiet on the blog lately it is because I have just started a new job, which is no longer on shifts but on a regular nine to five schedule (nine to six actually). While I am really happy about this, this kind of schedule makes it sooo hard to, pardon my french, get shit done. It seems like you get home, you do one thing, and then it's time to prepare dinner and go to bed. I am loving the fact of having weekends again but I still have to get in the groove of it for all the rest of the week, I'm sure it's just a matter of adjusting my life to this new schedule and finding new habits and time management skills I still lack! I have had very little time to work on my spring summer projects but they are very slowly coming along...expect updates soon!

Scusate per il silenzio stampa! Ho recentemente iniziato un lavoro nuovo che non è più su turni bensì con un orario normale dalle 9 alle 18. Sono molto felice di questa cosa, e soprattutto di avere di nuovo i weekend liberi, ma devo ammettere che questo orario rende difficile fare qualsiasi cosa, mi sembra di non avere tempo per nulla! Arrivo a casa, faccio una cosa ed è già ora di cucinare e andare a dormire. Probabilmente devo solo entrare nel giro e prendere nuove abitudini, e sviluppare nuovi skill di time management che ancora mi mancano! Ho avuto pochissimo tempo per lavorare ai vari progetti estivi che ho sui ferri, ma pian pianino sto andando avanti, presto avrò delle novità da mettere nel negozio!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Dani Wilde

I am loving these illustrations by spanish illustrator Dani Wilde. They are funny, ironic, playful and expressive all at the same time. On his website the artist explains that he found ispiration for his artistic career as a kid by watching his godfather, who was a tailor in the south on France, at work in his studio, and later on when seeing a David Hockney exhibition at the Guggenheim in Bilbao.
Take a look at his website here (he makes custom portraits both of people and of pets!), at his blog here and follow him on instagram.

Mi piacciono moltissimo queste illustrazioni dell'illustratore spagnolo Dani Wilde. Sono insieme buffe, ironiche, giocose ed espressive. Sul suo sito spiega di essere stato ispirato per la sua carriera artistica quando da bambino osservava suo zio, un sarto che viveva nel sud della Francia, al lavoro nel suo atelier, e più avanti visitando una mostra di David Hockney al Guggenheim di Bilbao.
Potete dare un'occhiata al suo sito qui (fa ritratti su richiesta, sia di persone che di animali!), al suo blog qui e seguirlo su instagram.

All images Via.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

F.O.: Sage green lacy tank top

And here we go with the first Spring - Summer item of the season! This is a very simple sage green lacy tank top in a cotton-wool blend (the wool is only 30% of the yarn and it doesn't make the fabric warm, it's fresh and light, just slightly softer). I have been playing around lately with layering different stitches and patterns for an interesting lacy effect and I love the intricate look this creates.
As always...details on my Etsy page!

Ed eccoci con il primo capo della stagione primaverile ed estiva di quest'anno! Questa è un semplice top smanicato verde salvia con scollo a V realizzato in un filato composto da cotone e lana (la lana è solo il 30% del filato e non rende il capo pesante, è fresco e leggero, solamente un po' più morbido). Ultimamente sto tentando varie combinazioni di punti usati a fasce una sopra l'altra e mi piace l'effetto intricato di pizzo che questo sovrapporsi di punti crea.
Come sempre...dettagli sulla mia pagina Etsy!